Copied the basic plot of Kumari 21F from a French film

Kumari 21F is doing wonders at the box office with youth thronging to the theaters in big numbers. This film is sure to cross 10 crore mark by the end of its first week say trade sources.
Sukumar the writer and producer of Kumari 21F is walking away with all the praise and appreciation. However the sad truth behind Kumari 21F is it’s a copied story.
Sukumar has copied the basic plot of Kumari 21F from a French film Lila Says (French title: Lila dit ├ža) that was released in 2004. This French film is based upon a book named Chimo. Someone from the social media who has seen the French film has exposed this truth and the news is spreading like wild fire.
The ending of Kumari is inspired by an Argentine film Secret In Their Eyes! So Sukumar has made a cocktail out of few foreign films and has written a story that appeals to today’s youth.
Copying or getting inspired from other language movies is sort of a norm in film industry. General audience doesn’t care about these things if they get their ticket’s worth of entertainment.
While people who knew about the original keep whining about it Sukumar will smile all the way to the banks.
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